The Madden NFL 13 demo arrives on Aug. 14, two weeks before the game's release, offering a rematch of last year's NFC Championship Game, and a Seattle-Washington matchup that showcases Redskins quarterback (and NCAA Football 13 cover star) Robert Griffin III.

Players will get a full game of four five-minute quarters will commentary from the booth team of Jim Nantz and Phil Simms. KInect-supported audio commands will also be available for those who get the Xbox 360 version of the demo and have the sensor.

The big star will be the "Infinity Engine," giving the general public its first look at how the game handles real-time collisions in a full-contact sport for the first time. Madden is pressing hard on the message that no two tackles will look the same this year, so here's the chance to put that claim to the test.

Finally, to highlight the new Connected Careers suite of season-long modes, the game will let you upload a Game Face picture for use in creating yourself as a coach or player in the full version of Madden NFL 13 when it arrives Aug. 28.