Will Kinect's "Thousand Points of Light" Interfere With the Wii's Remote?

Let's say for some odd reason you want to have both your Xbox 360 Kinect on and your Wii? Why? I haven't a clue, but if you did, would the two systems, which both use infrared, interfere with one another?


I tried playing Rally Ball with the activated Wii Remote in my hand and had no problems. Next I tried using the Wii remote while the Kinect was on and tracking my motions in a game. Also no issues.


So there you have it, it doesn't look like the two will cause issues. I decided to look into this after seeing Marting Hollis, founder and CEO of Zoonami and producer of Perfect Dark and GoldenEye 007, Tweet something that seemed to imply he was having issues.

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But as you can see I wasn't able to replicate it. I've reached out to Hollis to see if perhaps he had the two sensors facing one another. Haven't heard back yet.

Want to see the rest of the test we put the Kinect through, like detecting dogs, rubber masks and in the dark? Check this out.


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HEY! try this test!

If a family has a pair of identical twins and they both make their own profiles and tie the facial recognition to them and one of them stands in front of the Kinect sensor, which profile does it log into?