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Wii U Holiday Commercial Is Not Helping The Wii U

During the boom years, when both the DS and Wii were killing it, Nintendo used to make pretty good commercials. Or, at the very least, serviceable ones. A few years back, though, something changed.


The Wii U needs all the help it can get this holiday season. This? This is not helping.


Specifically, that Dad. That Dad is not helping.

Nintendo, can we just get Iwata and Miyamoto to make every ad for you? Thanks.

UPDATE: Now this is (unofficially) more like it (thanks chrisall76!).

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Luke Plunkett

What I don't get is the "upgrade". They use that word, but then aren't clear with what exactly it means.

The time for subtlety is gone. This needed to say "HEY THIS IS THE WII 2 GUYS".