Wii U Discs Will Be 25GB In Size

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In a wide-ranging interview with Kotaku regarding the new Wii U console, one of Nintendo's chief game designers, Katsuya Eguchi, confirmed that the system's proprietary disc format will hold 25 Gigabytes of data. That squares with our own reporting from before E3 and puts Nintendo in a good place to run games that fill up a single-layer 25GB Blu-Ray disc, the format used by current console king of large game discs, the PlayStation 3.


Eguchi declined to comment on our report, from the same people who told us about the 25GB, that the system's internal flash memory is 8GB. Earlier today, a Nintendo rep explained that the new console will support external USB drives, for added storage capacity.

We'll have tons more about Wii U, including a lot of insights from Eguchi about what makes this console special for Nintendo, in the coming days.



Will it play Blu-ray movies?

This is a serious question, because I read leaked specs before E3 started that nailed the media capacity, but claimed that it was a "proprietary Blu-ray" format. I can understand why they would want the game software to be proprietary, but if it's basically a Blu-ray design, then the ability to also play Blu-ray movies on the disc drive would seem to be a nice feature for Nintendo's target audience, especially since the console has 1080p capabilities.