Wii Sports Suspected In NBA Street Killing

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According to ESPN, the NBA Street series is officially "on hiatus." Yes, we know. The trail of tears forms to the left. The NBA licensed street ball series, once part of the EA Sports BIG label and kind of a big deal, looks to have gone the way of the dinosaur, thanks in part to Wii Sports. EA Sportsman Peter Moore explains the decision — which, it sounds like, could possibly affect the SSX series as well — to ESPN."In the old days we had things like SSX that were our own intellectual property, but since then we've kind of moved away from that." This gen, EA has released only a handful of games under the BIG label, NBA Street Homecourt, FIFA Street 3 and SSX Blur. "But if Wii Sports has taught us anything," Moore added "it's that people will sit there and play big head tennis all day long. We need to be able to tap into that audience." To wit, the creation EA Sports Freestyle and All-Play. You know, in my day, when we wanted big heads, we played NBA Jam in the arcade and we LIKED IT! You kids don't know how good you got it. GAMER BUZZ: STREET BALL IS DEAD [ESPN via Shacknews]

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Kiyobi the Shibuya ESPer

People will sit there and play big head tennis all day long?

Hey EA, simple solution. In Street 4 (if you ever decide to bring it back (and you should)), make a Big Head option available. Problem solved.