Wii Roomba: Surf Your Way to Cleaner Floors

This gentleman, "Ron" Tajima has managed a Balance Board hack that manages to defeat the basic purpose of a Roomba's existence. But, it's awesome. He's used the Wii Balance Board's Bluetooth capability to link it with the poky-slow vacuum-cleaning robot. He steers the Roomba by the direction he leans. The things that are balls-to-the-wall awesome about this video: • Sped up assembly footage. See? It's simple. • Crappy kung-fu movie audio — with mismatched soundtrack. • The beep-beep-beep "Surfin' USA" tone. Please tell me that's coming from the Roomba itself. I won't be able to get that out of my head the rest of the day. A jorb well done, "Ron" Tajima! Wii Balance Board Roomba Hack Cleans Up [Balance Board Blog]

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Great Coach Z reference at the end there, Owen. Definitely made me go watch some homestarrunner.com. hahaha.