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Yeah? Then High Voltage Software's Tournament of Legends, coming exclusively to the Wii this May, will give you all the ancient Roman one-on-one fighting you so desperately crave.


If Sega's announcement of Tournament of Legends comes as a surprise, realize that it's the game formerly known as Gladiator A.D., the previously more brown fighter from the developers of The Conduit. It's the same team working on the other Wii game announced at the same time, The Grinder.


The game feels more mythological and fantastical than I remember it, featuring playable a Minotaur, Gorgon, Stone Golem and Valkyrie among the fighting ranks.

Sega says the 3D fighter supports Wii Remote and Nunchuk controls as well as a Classic Controller option. At one time, it was touted as supporting the Wii MotionPlus accessory, but Sega's update on the game makes no mention of the add-on. We'll check in with Sega to see if that's still the plan for the game's May launch on Wii.

Until then, don't miss our hands-on impressions of Tournament of Legends, which touch on the single-player quest aspects of High Voltage's fighter, when it was more sepia toned at last year's E3.

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