Wii Nintendo Channel Hits Europe Tomorrow

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After what was surely a long and painful wait, wrought with intrigue and suspense, Nintendo has confirmed that our European and Australian brothers and sisters will be gifted with the Wii Advertising Nintendo Channel come tomorrow.


As seem in the video walkthrough we posted earlier this month, the Nintendo Channel is a place to download videos, get recommendations, and check out upcoming products from Nintendo and friends. Basically a very convenient way for you to be marketed at without having to get off the couch and type in a web address.


The Nintendo channel also includes the DS download service, though you have to agree to send your console usage data to Nintendo in exchange. No big deal though. It'll just make the marketing a bit more focused, that's all.

Wii's Nintendo Channel set to launch [GamesIndustry.biz]

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@balls187 upside yo head: So nothing outstanding, just Nintendo playing "cathcing up" eh? Well, If I can spare the VERY SMALL MEMORY BLOCKS STIL LEFT AT MY WII, FIX THIS NOW NINTENDO!, I will add it to my Wii dashboard.