Wii Nintendo Channel Video Walkthrough

For those of you not able to poke about on your Wii during the day, I've gone ahead and created this little video walkthrough of what to expect once you get back to your boxy little console. The Nintendo Channel is a combination video delivery device and game information database that allows you to view videos regarding Nintendo products, services, and games. It launches directly into digest video when you enter, this time featuring Miyamoto talking about Wii Fit, and then gives you a menu of videos to choose from. The channel also incorporates the DS download service allowing you to snag the latest demos and such for your Nintendo handheld. Please excuse the commentary, I'd been eating nothing but candy all morning.

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I loved the DS downloads (and thought Ninja Gaiden was pretty cool, but thought Cooking Mama 2 had to be the worst thing I had ever played). Ranking the games was also sort of fun, but for some reason they didn't have Okami, RE4 or Zack & Wiki available to rank. Now if Nintendo would do something about Brawl's broken online they'd start earning some respect from me for their online efforts (while relatively featureless, Mario Kart's online is also pretty flawless).