Wii Nearly Overtakes Xbox 360 U.S. Install Base After Strong May Sales

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The NPD Group has released hardware sales figures for the month of May, a month that saw Nintendo continue to dominate the competition with over 675,000 Wiis sold in the United States. That may be a drop from the previous month, but Nintendo DS sales more than made up for it.

While Grand Theft Auto IV continued to sell well, it didn't do anything to help hardware sales, as the Xbox 360 was down month to month and placed behind the PlayStation 3, which saw a small bump. PlayStation 2 data was not provided.

  • Wii - 675,100
  • Nintendo DS - 452,600
  • PlayStation 3 - 208,700
  • Xbox 360 - 186,600
  • PSP - 182,300

According to NPD data, the Wii install base in the U.S. is at about 10.2 million, nearly tying the Xbox 360's 10.27 million install base. Microsoft's looks like it'll be enjoying second place in the U.S. of A. when June's hardware numbers come in.

Total hardware sales amounted to $428.6 million USD, a 34% increase over May of 2007. That monthly figure makes the total hardware take for the year an impressive $2.27 billion USD.

The Wii and Nintendo DS enjoy their fourth month in a row in the top two spots, as NPD analyst Anita Frazier points out. She adds that "The continued success of GTA IV is not translating into big hardware sales for either the PS3 or the 360 but there may yet to be a lift in June due to gift-giving for Father's Day and Graduations."


I know one thing I'm certainly not getting my dad for Father's Day and it's GTA IV!

Thanks to the NPD Group for providing us with monthly sales.

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Foxstar loves Bashcraft

@LittleBigPlaneteer (Follow me!!):Regardless of what Reggie and everyone else seems to think, it's not that cut and dried. One reason Nintendo is currently and will remain #1 is they did not just stick with the core, they created a whole slew of new gamers, who I wager in the next couple of years, will be buying 360's and PS3's to go along with their Wii's and DS's. However the point remains that they still have a Wii powered on and at home. Did you completely forget why PS2 not only 'won' but ended up winning so completely that for a long time, more people were buying PS2's then PS3'S? It's about the games. You can claim all day long about how underpowered the Wii is and how nothing but shovelware will make it's way onto the system, but the good games will come as they did on the PS2. PS2 has had and will have more shovelware on it then the Wii ever will have. But no one ever talks about the PS2 shovelware do they? No, instead they point out the epics, the great games, etc and there's a whole lot of them.

What Nintendo has done is effectively set up things for a exact repeat of what happened on the PS2 to happen to them and without the massive DRE defect storm which left a bad taste in many people's mouths and cost Sony a crapload of money. Developers can not and will not ignore a system with a high install base and the lowest development costs out of the three home systems. Lots will bring shit to the table, but a fair number are going to bring the good stuff. The only change is, passive aggressive trolls and butt-hurt hardcores will always, always point out the shit over the good stuff no matter how much good stuff there is. Why? Because it suits their talking points as if any of them matter in the end when it comes to sales. And you know what? Not even Sony and Microsoft care as much about the 'fabled' core as Nintendo has and does, but again, teh 'core' don't see that.

Hardcores need to get it though their skulls that causals drive everything these days and have for years and that they come second.

@bangbangblah:PSP sales, save for christmas time and right after the Slim's launch have always sucked. Software sucks even more.

@devmas:It moved some systems, but GTA4 has been coming for so long that anyone who really wanted it, bought the system they wanted it on ages ago.

@diodegrey:And you're an idiot. Shut up and get off of Kotaku, idiot. Back to GameFAQ's with you.

@phinehas:Devs are lazy as hell and don't want to learn how to put out a proper game that uses the Wii-mote well. They also don't like seeing Nintendo's titles outselling them.

What very much may end up happening is Nintendo ending up having to develop everything in house and not wait for third parties. Can you see Nintendo putting out 30-50 titles a year for both systems? Third parties sure wouldn't want to.

@Ashurahori:Market doesn't work like that.