Wii Dominates April, PS3 & Xbox 360 In Dead Heat On GTA IV Sales

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Nintendo had an amazing April, pushing over 700,000 Wiis in the United States. That's a massive difference from its "current gen high definition console" competition, as the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 were neck and neck, only a thousand units difference between the two. If you were expecting a big boost from Grand Theft Auto IV's release, you're going to leave disappointed. Maybe next month. Nintendo's other platform, the DS continued to impress, more than doubling sales of the PSP.

  • Wii - 714,200
  • Nintendo DS - 414,800
  • PSP - 192,000
  • Xbox 360 - 188,000
  • PlayStation 3 - 187,100
  • PlayStation 2 - 124,400

Totals were down across the board, with the Wii taking the least hit from March to April, each piece of hardware showing in the same position as the previous month. Despite that month to month drop, hardware was up 26% over April of last year.


Total hardware spending in April amounted to $426.2 million, compared to $339.2 million spent in April of 2007.

NPD analyst Anita Frazier pointed out that more Wiis at retail, obviously, means more Wiis sold. And while some Wii owners may bemoan a lack of new releases—Mario Kart Wii aside—Frazier writes that "With a couple of blockbuster games already in the market this year, and with Wii Fit and Rock Band still to come in the next two months, the pipeline of content to continue to drive hardware acquisition looks very good"

Frazier also points out that less than spectacular sales on PS3 and 360 hardware may not be indicative of underperformance, noting that "[S]ince the game was only in the market for 5 days during this reporting period, that sales lift could very well be evident in May data." To May, then!

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Luke Plunkett

@DigitalHero: It was only out for two days in April. If you're going to buy GTA IV on its first or second day of release (especially midweek), you probably already own a 360 or PS3.