A Washington, D.C. school is one of the first in the nation to get Wii Music in their school.

The program isn't using the game to teach music, it's just meant to engage student in the arts, to get them interested in music. Which, I think, is a fantastic idea. Sure, Guitar Hero and Rock Band would do the same thing, but including instruments they are both more expensive.


The program is, in part, a reaction to the D.C. School Chancellor's new policy to make sure every school has a music teacher on staff. The Wii music program will eventually be in 50 cities throughout the country.

Maybe Harmonix or Activision will take a page from Nintendo and test out a program that would introduce younger children to music through their games. I know that's why Tristan is studying classical guitar now.


Nintendo Wii Debuts in D.C. School [Fox DC]

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