Wii MotionPlus Is Wall Street Journal Approved

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You know you've got it made when even the Wall Street Journal wants a piece of your sweet, sweet motion controlled action.

In both written and video form, Wall Street Journal technology reporter Katie Boehret tackles Wii MotionPlus, Project Natal and something called Canesta, which works kind of like the Clap-on for your TV and stuff. Of Wii MotionPlus, she writes:

However enjoyable, the Wii MotionPlus is more of an evolutionary change than a revolutionary change. If you've never played video games on a Wii before, you wouldn't know what you were missing if you used the remote without MotionPlus.


But even so, Boehret seems just as sold on Wii Sports Resort as the rest of us. Now if she could just transfer some of her enthusiasm from her article into the video...

Playing With a More Sensitive Wii [Wall Street Journal]

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What I don't get is why this add-on - specifically designed to do nothing more and nothing less than correct the Wiimote's flaws - actually doesn't put a dent in the biggest flaw: latency. Accuracy is less important because in the end, it's the accuracy of a person's hand, at best. Latency is the show stopper. Gun game? It is to laugh. You can twitch-fire on Duck Hunt for the NES, but on the Wii with Wii Motion Plus, it's still twitch-wait-fire.