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Wii Has A Monster Week In Japan

Illustration for article titled Wii Has A Monster Week In Japan

Sales of the Nintendo Wii skyrocketed in Japan this week, nearly quadrupling its performance from the week prior, thanks to the release of a new, black version of the console and strong sales of Capcom's Monster Hunter 3.


According to Japanese sales tracker Media Create, Wii sales jumped from about 24,000 units last week to over 95,000 this week, a boost surely helped by the introduction of a Monster Hunter 3 hardware bundle. That increase in Wii sales didn't translate to much in the way of help to the competition, with sales on most of the other platforms mostly flat, fluctuating only slightly.


One platform that did drop was the Nintendo DSi, likely on the cooling of Dragon Quest IX sales. Somehow we don't think Nintendo is losing much sleep over it.

  • Wii - 95,357
  • Nintendo DSi - 73,710
  • PSP - 33,049
  • Nintendo DS Lite - 12,027
  • PlayStation 3 - 8,760
  • PlayStation 2- 3,617
  • Xbox 360 - 3,552

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What we should note is that the other non-nintendo consoles are not selling less, well not by much anyway but nintendo is just getting more sales. The demand for the PSP, PS3, X360 is still relatively the same as the previous weeks.

If I were Sony/Microsoft I'd be worried if Nintendo was eating away their share. But it looks like they need to just put out a killer app to increase sales.

Edit: what happened to pagebreaks?