The Nintendo DSi is in no danger of losing its first place position in Japan, thanks to ongoing strong sales of Dragon Quest IX in the country. But it lost a little steam this past week.

While DSi sales were down, DS Lite sales were up. Maybe Nintendo's just having a little trouble keeping up with demand, as DQ IX, Tomodachi Collection and others make for a DS-heavy top ten software sales chart. Also getting a boost is the PSP, up considerably from last week.

Expect Wii sales to get a bump in the coming weeks, making the chart a little more blue. In a good way.


  • Nintendo DSi - 80,362
  • PSP - 30,523
  • Wii - 23,995
  • Nintendo DS Lite - 12,385
  • PlayStation 3 - 8,997
  • PlayStation 2 - 3,305
  • Xbox 360 - 3,080