Wiebe: Still Points Available In Race To Donkey Kong's Max Score

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The infamous "kill screen" sets a limit to the highest possible score in Donkey Kong. Steve Wiebe, who reclaimed the world's No. 1 in September, says the game still has about 100,000 points to go.

"Believe it or not, we're still leaving some room at the top." Wiebe told Crave. "But I think people put the theoretical score at around 1,200,000. And that's if everything works out in your favor for the whole game and you have all of your lives at the end. Realistically, I think 1,150,000 is probably where it would be realistic to get a score."


Wiebe's world record now is 1,064,500. He doesn't expect it to stand. "Right now, I'm taking a break. But I'm sure (past record holders) Billy (Mitchell) or Hank Chien or someone else will score higher. I don't think this will be the last score to hold up," he said.

Steve Wiebe Is The King of Kong [Crave]

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Billy Mitchell will score 2,000,000.

The video proof of his record will cut out about halfway through, where all you can hear is audio, during which Mitchell brainstorms new hot sauce ideas.

Video returns and we see a piece of paper taped to his cabinet with "2,000,000 Motherfucker!" printed in a similar font as used in DKJ. Mitchell is in the background trying on his US flag tuxedo for his eventual congratulatory party.