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With a screen ready to be populated with extraneous information built right into the controller, commenter Gusi A. Rincon thinks the Wii U would be the perfect console to host a World of Warcraft-level MMO experience.


Opinion/ Idea: Wii U controller will be perfect to play console versions of MMORPG? Like World of Warcraft?

Picture this:

The game screen.
Your life, mana, name of the area and a mini map.

The Wii U controller
Use the sticks to move X Y A B to perform some actions like jump and basic attacks.


The Controller Screen
1 or 2 row of customizable buttons where you can put skills. potions, bla bla bla (like in World of Warcraft or League of Legends) and below those costumes lines, an active menu (use R1 and L1 R2 L2 to switch between menu tabs) in the item menus you can use item or set item in the touch screen buttons.
Same with the skills. And manage the skills tree.
Equipment you can change in real time. On the left side is the character and the slots for weapons, helmet, body, legs and on the right the weapon and armor so you drag em over the slots to equip them)

...there you go perfect RPG old-school.

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