Why People Didn't Like The Clone Wars

Many didn't like The Clone Wars and maybe you don't like it either. Actor Sam Witwer, who did the motion capture and voice work for Darth Vader's Secret Apprentice in The Force Unleashed, has a viable theory why:

On The Clone Wars issue, my take is I just feel like that would have been better represented on television. It was designed for television and it would have been seen in a completely different context if you saw a thirty minute story and then the next week a thirty minute story and if two weeks in a row are about Jabba the Hutt's son, "that's fine, let's move on. Let's get some more Clone War stories… What else happened?" I think when you put it in a theater, you're not only up against people like Pixar, but you are up against all of the other Star Wars movies, so I feel like it was a little bit handicapped and I personally feel like people are going to come back to the cartoon and go "You know what? This is great. We were hard on this." I understand why they were, because they put it in a different arena, a completely different playing field and again I don't think that is where it was designed to be. Would you agree with that?


Well, would you? Quint chats with Darth Vader's Secret Apprentice [Ain't It Cool News]

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"So, when I say that the Clone Wars movie sucked, you know it means something. "

Yes, yes it does. It means YOU didn't like it. As a fan who ALSO saw it in 1977 in single digits, I DID like it. As much as the first trilogy? Of course not. As much as Tartakofsky's effort? Not even close. As much as the second trilogy? Better than.

You know what the difference between an angry fan who goes to see a movie and hates it and a fan who loves it? A: As far as the box office is concerned, NOTHING. The film had a budget of $8 million dollars. It's taken in over $53 million, which is exactly in line with expectations. DO THE MATH, kids. For all the fan wank over how terrible the new trilogy supposedly was, it made BILLIONS.

This movie was ALWAYS intended to be a prequel to the TV series. The series starts on Cartoon Network on 10/03. This is not a new approach. Just ask Battlestar Galactica (the original one), Buck Rogers or BSG:The Razor*, among others. (* - Yes, this was in theaters prior to being on TV as a special engagement...that's where I saw it).

Was the story simplistic? Yes. Did they avoid the opening crawl, because they intended it to be accessible to a young audience? No question. But a lot of people were disinclined to hate this movie for reasons that have nothing to do with itself. But the original movies don't exactly have a stellar plot, either. Ewoks, kids. Ewoks.

Further, comparing this to Pixar? Ludicrous. Yes, Pixar is the best studio in Hollywood and makes the greatest animated movies around. But remember what I said earlier? Clone Wars cost 8 Million to make. Wall-e had a budget of 180 Million. It BETTER look much nicer...it cost 22 times more to make, took a much larger staff and years longer. I shudder to think what some of you would make of Persepolis.

Clone Wars was designed to be turned around into a series immediately. And it looks pretty darned good at it. I liked it. My wife liked. My kids liked it. My friends and THEIR kids liked it.

HATED IT? Really? Your threshold for hate must be pretty low. 8|