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Well, besides the fact that Wii sales are on a downward slide, Wii games don't look good on HD televisions and the console is starting to show its age. Besides all that, there must be a reason.


"It's become hard for software makers to surprise customers with the current Wii," Nintendo honcho president recently told a group of investors. While I thought the console was all about good games, apparently, it was all about surprises.


Iwata also said that the Kyoto-based game maker wanted a "new approach" with its Wii successor.


Yesterday, Nintendo confirmed the Wii successor, stating that it will be playable at this year's E3 gaming expo in Los Angeles and on sale in 2012.

Wii後継機を12年に発売 任天堂、3DSは目標未達 [よんななニュース]

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