Nintendo Wants "New Approach" With Wii Successor

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With the Wii successor, Nintendo president Satoru Iwata said, "We would like to propose a new approach to home video game consoles."


However, don't count on a 3D home console like Nintendo's newly released 3D-glasses free portable, the Nintendo 3DS. According to Bloomberg, Iwata said, "It's difficult to make 3-D images a key feature, because 3-D televisions haven't obtained wide acceptance yet."


It doesn't sound like Iwata is making a dig at 3D (and in turn, the 3DS), but just point out the facts: most people still don't own 3D televisions.

Nintendo Forecasts Profit Short of Estimates, Will Offer Next Wii in 2012 [Bloomberg]

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"We want to have a new approach with the Wii 2... we want to actually make good games."

-Satoru Iwata

ooooooo BURN! No but seriously, there haven't been many Wii games that I actually like as games. They've been more like distractions that last for a while and then become boring.