Why I Will Never Sell My Gaming Swag (Again)

Isn't that beautiful, ladies and gentlemen? That is a relic from E3 1998, given away to members of the online and offline press who participated in a tournament of Working Design's RPG light gun shooter Elemental Gearbolt for the PlayStation. A brushed metal assassin's case embossed with the game's logo, opening the case reveals a shiny gold-painted Guncon, a memory card, and of course the game itself, nestled snugly in molded foam. Less than 50 of these babies were ever made, and those that were took a full year to get to the recipients. Why is this important? If you look at the list of participants on the Game Rave web page detailing this rarity, you'll see. Yep, I had one of these in my hands. And I sold it. Granted I sold it for over $500 to help finance a move across the country, but it seems that every time I marvel at some of the cool swag game companies create, someone points me to this page to remind me exactly how young and stupid I once was. Elemental Gearbolt: Assassin's Case [Game Rave]


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