Why Everyone Will be Rated 100 in EA Sports MMA

EA Sports' Rob Hydar is the victim of this perfect setup, in which MMA fighter Jason "Mayhem" Miller visits to check out how he appears in the upcoming EA Sports MMA, and finds his provisional statistics most displeasing.


EA Sports Creative Director Jason Barnes is obviously in on it. When Miller sees his low fighter skill rating and poor footwork attributes, he unleashes his F-bombs in everyone's general direction but goes after Barnes when he, in a quite choreographed way, tries to calm Miller down. Then Miller's in Hydar's face. "Did you f—-in do this?!" he

"No disrespect, no disrespect," says Hydar, the EA Sports head developer, using verbal judo straight from the manual of "How to Lose as Few Teeth as Possible in a Roid Rage Encounter." Miller then, fortunately, springs the joke and there's big manhugs to be had.

MMA Fighter Mayhem Miller Flips Out on EA Sports MMA Programmers [AllElbows.Com]

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