Why Does My PC Keep Freezing At Inopportune Moments?

Image credit: Shutterstock
Image credit: Shutterstock

Over the last couple of weeks, my gaming PC has started occasionally freezing up. It usually happens at the most inopportune moment possible, and always without warning.

Above: Literally how it froze the other night. ARGH
Above: Literally how it froze the other night. ARGH

It sucks. I have to manually hit the “reset” button and everything. What’s going on? Why does my PC keep freezing at inopportune moments?

  • It’s just tired, man.
  • My old CPU is jealous of my new GPU and is acting out.
  • I’m doing too well in Overwatch and my PC is just trying to even things up.
  • It’s not actually frozen, it’s just running at a very, very low frame-rate.
  • Games seem to warn me about running FRAPS these days, so maybe it’s something to do with FRAPS?
  • It’s distracted by world events, I mean, who can focus on running video games at a time like this
  • There’s a tiny Mei standing on the motherboard spraying everything with a tiny ice gun.
  • It learned it from watching my optical drive.
  • My liquid coolant needs a change, like how the oil in a car needs to be changed. (????)
  • My CPU is overheating, likely due to misapplied thermal paste.
  • It’s currently full of dead insects, a fact I will discover as I pry open the side panel and an avalanche of musty husks cascades onto the rug.
  • It’s currently full of live insects, a fact I will never discover because now I’m scared to open my PC.
  • Whatever it is, it’s probably Windows 10’s fault.

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