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When new Sony Computer Entertainment Studios boss man Shuhei Yoshida brought the axe down on The Getaway and Eight Days, we just assumed it was because they never really existed anyway. Oh sure, they existed in some form as PlayStation 3 titles, but we just assumed they were both cute CG mock ups that helped to pad PS3 "sizzle" trailers.


Yoshida tells Develop that the game known formerly as Eight Days was nixed, in part, because it was lacking in online capabilities. And that's important.


The Phil Harrison replacement said that Sony "looked at how it fit in the portfolio and where it fit as a production" when deciding what to keep and what to cut, pointing out that resources don't exactly meet expectations. Regardless of the reasoning, the cancellation of the London Studios project was a huge blow to gamers and us personally at Kotaku. Just kidding! We almost forgot it was ever shown!

Lack of online influenced Sony decision to cancel Eight Days [Develop]

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