Eight Days And Getaway 3 No Longer Going Concerns

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Remember late this past April when we warned you that PlayStation 3 titles The Getaway 3 and Eight Days, first showcased during the early preview days of the console, wouldn't be seeing the light of day for a while? According to a statement released today by Sony Computer Entertainment Europe, that while is now officially a never as production ceases on both titles.


"This decision was made following an internal review of all games and it was deemed that with the incredibly strong list of exclusive first party titles coming up both this year and in the near future, resource should be reallocated to enhance those projects closer to completion.

You heard them folks - they have so many strong titles coming out that they can afford to just toss a couple into the rubbish bin to keep the games flowing. Good riddance I say. I never understood why they'd try to continue the Getaway series after the heaping helping of crap that was Black Monday anyway.

Sony stops work on Eight Days and The Getaway [GI]


GTA IV made them both redundant... R.I.P.