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OK, I think I get the gist of this piece. TeamTeaBag takes a look at gaming achievements on the 360, and it's hard for me to assess the tone: Either SmellyGeekyBoy (the writer)

• resents the hell out of all achievements and is parodying achievement whores OR


• knows that cynical motives on behalf of Microsoft and the developers are the reason for game achievements. But he can't help himself from collecting all of them or

• agrees completely with and loves the concept of achievements.

I think it's between 1 and 2. And for myself, I'm between 2 and 3. I look on it this way, when you get a game that you really, really enjoy, the achievements show that you got your money's worth. Hokey, I know, but for those titles that don't have a 100 percent-completion model (and for some that do) the achievements can add another reason to keep on enjoying it.

Why Achievements are Awesome {TeamTeaBag]

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