Who's Leaking PS3 Slim Info Now?

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Allegedly, the French, as a purported screen shot from retailer Micromania's product database shows the oft-rumored PlayStation 3 "Slim" redesign. If this listing is the real deal—it's not reflected on Micromania's web site—it would confirm a long-standing rumor.


That shot, hosted by Total Manga and via NeoGAF's marathon thread of PS3 Slim speculation, could be easily faked. But the details are inline with recent chatter about the mythical console redesign's leaks. Micromania supposedly listed a September 1 arrival date and a €299 price point. That's cheaper than the current €399 model, which has been the target of retailer price drops over the past few weeks.

Of course, previous leaks are just as much confirmation as this rumored listing. There was the Amazon.de product listing for the "PS3 Konsole Slim," a listing which didn't last long before it was pulled.

There's been plenty of circumstantial evidence surrounding a console relaunch and revamp, with talk of Sony ramping up PlayStation 3 production in Taiwan and a July delivery date of the rumored console variation.

Of course, one of the more obvious signs that Sony was prepping something beyond the norm of its original PlayStation 3 design were early leaked pictures of a shell, one alleged to be the PS3 Slim.


With previous rumors of a PlayStation 3 price cut coming in the fall starting to come true at select retailers, it's starting to feel like we're on the cusp of some sort of official announcement. With Gamescom kicking off next week and Sony holding a press conference next Tuesday, we're expecting to hear something there.


Of course, we expect that to be prefaced with leaks from Sony Computer Entertainment Europe PR, a hastily written story from Japan's Nikkei newspaper and maybe even a leak on the PlayStation Network.


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Am i the only person who doesnt really care about Slim consoles ?