White Knight Chronicles Could Be Getting Voice Chat

Face it, when you're playing on a console with a controller, typing is tough. Japanese PS3 exclusive White Knight Chronicles has players do just that.

The American version may not.

Tsubasa Inaba, who's producing the US version of White Knight Chronicles, tells the PlayStation.Blog: "We realize the necessity of voice chat. We're trying to get this in before release in the US market. We're working on it."


While Japanese gamers aren't exactly known for favoring voice chat, the feature really should have been in the game when it launched in The Land of the Rising Sun last December. Another thing that should have been in the game is worldwide online play. Once again, Inaba to the rescue!

"We're looking into it," says Inaba. "We're doing online testing domestically and also overseas. It is in our mind set, we're just trying to make it happen."

White Knight Chronicles will be out this winter in North America.

White Knight Chronicles - Your Questions Answered [PlayStation.Blog via Siliconera]

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