World of Warcraft isn't just a video game. It's a trading card game as well, and being a trading card game, it can slip a few things under the legal radar its digital cousin may not be able to manage.

Like these cards, which skate so close to the thin ice covering Lake Copyright Infringement that you can hear it cracking audibly underfoot.

I mean, Adam Eternum is...OK. But Keldor is Skeletor's real, actual name. Surely that's a bit much. But hey, hopefully it's not, because as far as hat-tips go, this is pretty great. They even switched up He-Man a bit, making him less grunty grunty Dolph Lundgren, more sexy swarthy Cary Elwes.

UPDATE - People tell me these guys are actually in the game. Awesome.

He-Man and Skeletor in Warcraft?! [FANtastic, via GameSetWatch]