Where Peter Stormare Sings The Praises Of Mercenaries 2

The video gaming content of this clip gives me an excuse to throw this up. It's an EA game, it's a current game, it's a reasonably high-profile game. But really, I'm just enjoying the fact it gives me a chance to post a clip of Peter Stormare busting out a rousing rendition of "Oh No You Didn't".


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I still don't understand how people can hate this game.

The bugs make it more fun than the already fun game it is. I still haven't hit a bug that actually broke my gameplay, only bugs that caused me to laugh uncontrollably.

How can you hate a game that makes you laugh out loud at least every single time you boot it up? As much as I love a perfect game, at least Pandemic fixed all the game breaking bugs and left behind the hilarious ones.