Where Can I Buy The Claritin Console?

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Hello! Welcome to this inaugural edition of Morning Checkpoint. Each Saturday I’ll help you get caught up on last week’s best gaming stories while having some fun and learning a few things.

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Great Kotaku Content From The Past Week

Like most weeks, Kotaku was filled with some great stories. Here are a few of my favorites!


This might have one of my favorite opening paragraphs ever.

“Gail Gygax and I were sitting in the living room of a lace-trimmed, flower-filled bed and breakfast in Lake Geneva, Wisconsin when she told me about the time she discovered what she believed was a plot to kill her.”

Even if you don’t like D&D you should read this story. It’s amazing.


Finding rare old games is always cool, but even cooler is finding an old game that nobody knew about. This is the case with UWC, a wrestling game that was recently discovered by a Nintendo collector.


I had no idea what Left Alive was, but after reading this great story by Heather I now know two things: It sounds cool and it sounds like a bad game. You should read this post too, especially if you are thinking about picking up Left Alive.


I don’t watch TV anymore because I cut the cord and watch YouTube and Hulu ad-free now. So I haven’t seen this ad from Claritin, but it is something.


Lady, you need to take better care of your carts. That is way too much dust.


Some Good Comments

Once the cloned cougars are determined to come out healthy, then the cowboys will be able to get approval to move on to human trials. For now, the cloned cougars die almost immediately, but progress is being made!

-Shigmiya64 from Red Dead Online Players Are Cloning Hundreds of Cougars”

Cloning a few sheep is one thing, cloning a shit ton of cougars is a whole another thing. Probably harder and for sure more dangerous. Luckily, they don’t live long. Yet.

I remember people messaging me asking if they can buy the Artifact beta (or was it alpha?) code after finding out I was going to PAX West. A few people actually offered me up to $100 per code. I told them I’ll see if I can get it, but after finding out how much of a shitshow their booth is, I told them I won’t be able to get it. People were lining up all day long, and it’s like a 5 hour wait to check out the demo (so you can get the code) on the Artifact booth. It was definitely the busiest booth in the convention, and the star of the show.

And here we are. I wonder how those guys are feeling right now.

-Kodokljo from Artifact’s Few Remaining Players Are Desperate To Know What Valve Has Planned”


I too wonder how those folks feel today? Are they even playing the game still? I can’t imagine paying $100 for a beta code and then getting Artifact and realizing that you might have just wasted your money.

Trailers & Videos You May Have Missed

This is a wonderful example of a trailer that I have zero interest in but that at least one person reading this will get super pumped about. It’s not even that I don’t like baseball, this trailer is just so dry and filled with menus. But if you care about these things, this trailer is for you!

Star Trek Discovery content is coming to Star Trek Online which reminds me that I need to really watch Discovery at some point. I just never liked mirror universe stuff and the new series seems to be way too focused on that stuff.

This game just looks like a good time. It really reminds me of Just Cause, which makes sense considering who is developing it. But it’s Just Cause with what looks to be good combat. So colorful too!

This looks very silly and I’m happy. More silly Mortal Kombat, please. Two Johnny Cages? Yes, thank you. I’ll have some of that.


Tell Me More!

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Who is your favorite Mega Man robot master? There are a lot of them for sure, but which one is your favorite and why do you love them so much?

I always liked Pharaoh Man. The dude is kind of a hypocrite though. He collects rare treasures and also hates tomb robbers. He also gets nervous around women, which is just adorable.


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Pretty sweet feature. Hopefully you can include more weekly comments from readers.

Favorite robot master would have to be Gravity Man from Mega Man 5. I loved that boss fight. The first time little Vwitfuljoey and got flipped up to the ceiling, my mind was blown. I got very good at that fight cause I played it so much. Whenever I started playing that game on the NES, Gravity Man was always my starting point.