Meet Nyaanya. This four-month-old kitten just made her Japanese TV debut. Better yet, her Japanese TV news debut. And as this four-legged friend is finding out, television sure ain't easy!

There are cameras you are supposed to pretend don't exist.

That's hard.

Previously, Kotaku introduced Shuukan News Shinsho (or, loosely, Weekly News Digest), a current affairs program with an American shorthair cat named Maago that wandered around the set and slept as important politicians discussed heated topics of the day.


Maago passed away earlier this fall, and the program now has a new "show idol"—four-month old Nyaanya.

This is Nyaanya.


Eating the news.


While Maago is sadly gone, he is not forgotten.

The show held a memorial for the cat at the TV Tokyo main office, with around 500 people paying their respects.


Shuukan News Shinsho deals with serious issues. This episode, for example, touched on relations between Japan and China. Having a cat, I think, takes the edge off such weighty issues, and perhaps gets guests to relax a bit.


Also, it beats simply watching talking heads defend their positions.

Nyaanya, who was rescued from a factory dumpster, is friskier than the relaxed Maago. That's expected, though, for a four-month-old curious kitten. The show lets her wander about during the broadcast, and like Maago, she does what she pleases.


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