Granted, the cat doesn't read the news and make comments on current events. It just kinda sprawls out on the desk, like cats do, as important guests discuss world politics. What else do you want the feline to do?

Japan loves cats, and it also loves idols—both of which Kotaku has covered before. So, weekly news program Shuukan News Shinsho (or, loosely, Weekly News Digest) actually has a "show idol" in the form of an American shorthair cat named Maago.

This Saturday program airs at around noon and covers serious issues! Important politicians appear on the program. Knowledgeable commentators. They talk about nuclear reactors, political elections, trade deals, wars—you name it. It's rather intelligent television.


And the cat? The cat just does cat things. Sometimes Maago wanders off. Other times, the cat can be seen sleeping the desk. Or licking the desk.


Guest tend to leave it alone to do his cat things, even if Maago is meowing or sticking his face in their tea.

Other times, you don't see the cat for extended segments.


Then suddenly, he appears when a monitor shows one of the Fukushima reactors. If you get bored with the show, you can always look for the cat.

Perhaps Maago makes the mood a bit lighter because things can get heavy—think Meet the Press or Face the Nation with a furry feline. Or maybe, this is to draw in viewers who don't care for the serious stuff, but sure love cats. Whatever the rationale is, it makes the show interesting and proves one thing: everything is better with cats. Everything.


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