Marvel at this Japanese Nerd Dancing

If you've ever been to an idol (virtual or real!) concert, you are familiar with Japanese nerd dancing. It's called "otagei" (オタ芸) or "wotagei" (ヲタ芸), which is short for "otaku" (geek) and "gei" (芸), which can mean "performance" in Japanese. In short, it's a bunch of geeks dancing! » 3/18/13 6:40am 3/18/13 6:40am

Anime Females Vs. Real Women: Which Do Japanese Geeks Like Better?

The eternal question of whether or not otaku (geeks) like anime ladies over real ladies has apparently been answered. Or something!

Over a four day period last fall, a Japanese tech firm used a free Senki Zessho Symphogear iOS app to poll male anime fans, asking them what kind of females they liked: 2D, 2.5D, or 3D. » 1/23/13 4:30am 1/23/13 4:30am

Let's Overdose on All this Wonderful Mecha Plastic

Gundam models are called "Gunpla" (ガンプラ) in Japanese. And at this year's Gunpla Expo, there were plenty of them. The event, which runs until November 25 in Tokyo's Akihabara, not only showcases upcoming models, but also the work of master Gunpla builders and famous fans. Let's have a look. » 11/23/12 5:00am 11/23/12 5:00am

From Nerdy Bikini Model to Japanese Politician

Politicians with, let's say, interesting backgrounds are nothing new. People have entered politics from acting, modeling, and, yes, even hardcore pornography. Jobs are jobs. Politics, however, is a calling. Rie Sasaki is answering that call. What makes Sasaki so noteworthy is that she could be Japan's first elected… » 11/22/12 7:00am 11/22/12 7:00am

These Japanese Commercials Will Delight and Amuse You

The Wii U is out in North America, but Japan will have to wait until December to get the new Nintendo console. To build hype, Nintendo is now running commercials for the hardware. But that's not the only game in town. There are entire channels filled to the brim with wonderful Japanese commercials. Some of them are… » 11/21/12 7:30am 11/21/12 7:30am

For Three Hours, These Ladies Will Do Your Bidding

Making it in the Japanese entertainment industry ain't easy. You need to stand out! And being cute is no longer enough. Just ask BiS » 11/21/12 6:00am 11/21/12 6:00am. The group's name stands for "Brand-new Idol Society", and the girls have been doing an array of publicity stunts to build a fan base. Their latest? Auctioning themselves off to be…

Is There Any Stopping China's Vampire Zombies? Doesn't Look Like It.

Rigor mortis has set in. They are unable to walk. But with their arms outstretched, they hop as they search the night for prey to bite. That's how they absorb the essence of their victims. They're called "jiangshi" and are China's vampire zombies.

But these walking dead are not only a Chinese thing. They're now once… » 10/09/12 4:00am 10/09/12 4:00am

The Fictional (Yet Amazingly Popular) Singers of Japan

In the past we here at Kotaku East » 9/07/12 8:00am 9/07/12 8:00am have talked a lot about and some of Japan's . But the one thing we haven't really touched on so far are the numerous fictional singers of Japan. While initially designed to be pop stars in manga or anime, these singers have transcended their fictional format and obtained real world…

Bikini Lady with an Anime Head Is More Than *Just* Nightmare Fuel

Standing out in the world of Japanese pin-up models is not easy. Being attractive is often not enough! Anna Amamiya decided the best way for her to separate herself from the competition was an anime mask.

Debuting in 2010, Amamiya released an image DVD, which featured her in various provocative poses, wearing said… » 9/07/12 7:55am 9/07/12 7:55am

Okay, This Candy Commercial Is Freaky. You Should Be Freaked Out.

Earlier this year, AKB48 » 8/24/12 5:30am 8/24/12 5:30am—Japan's biggest girl group—released a candy commercial that pretty much the entire country. This year, AKB48 is back with a new ad that won't gross everyone out. It'll freak them out instead. Progress!

This Isn't Kawaii. It's Disturbing.

There's this notion that "kawaii" (可愛い) or "cute" rules Japan. That's not entirely true. Everything isn't simply cute—and kawaii isn't the only game in town. There's also gurokawaii (グロカワイイ). This is the world of the grotesque and sadistic filtered through » 8/23/12 4:00am 8/23/12 4:00am kawaii. This is the world of Momoka Kinoshita.

You Cannot Escape Internet Infamy. Not Even in Japan.

Andy Warhol once said that in the future, everyone would be famous for fifteen minutes. Little did Warhol know we'd spend five minutes discussing if these empheral celebs actually look like their online pics and another five talking about all the stupid crap they said online before they got famous.

Over the years,… » 7/24/12 5:30am 7/24/12 5:30am

Power Ranger Pop Group Battled Real Life Demons

Japanese pop groups—male or female—relay on cute. Momoiro Clover Z does, too, but the group has a different set of weapons at its disposal: super hero iconography. The troupe taps the Power Rangers (Super Sentai, in Japan), right down to each member having her own color, to connect with old and young alike. » 7/03/12 4:01am 7/03/12 4:01am