Glowsticks. Confetti. A pop music group. This looks more like a party than an entrance ceremony. But Kinki University isn't your typical academic institution.

Kinki (近畿) does not mean "kinky." It refers to the region of Japan that consists of Osaka, Hyogo (Kobe), Kyoto, Nara, Shiga, Mie, and Wakayama. It can also be called "Kansai" (関西).

Here is what university entrance ceremonies typically look like in Japan.

[Photo: toyohisa_nakada]

This year, Kinki University received more applications than any other university (over a hundred thousand). The entrance ceremony was put together by Kinki University and pop music maestro Tsunku. He's perhaps best known for producing Morning Musume, and he's even created an official Kinki University idol group of students called the "Kindai Girls."

[Photo: kondonatsuko]

You can see them in action below:

The nickname for Kinki University is "Kindai," which is short for "Kinki Daigaku" (daigaku means "university" in Japanese.)

Have a look at the entrance ceremony, which certainly appears unique:

[Photo: p_jooooty]

[Photo: ars5sts1]

[Photo: ysdmk1229]

[Photo: kondonatsuko]

[Photo: Eriko]

[Photos: ysdmk1229]

Top photo: 16aristoak69

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