Coca-Cola launched its "Share a Coke" promotion in Japan. And people looking to make a quick buck, er, yen, are auctioning off bottles with celebrity names.

On Yahoo! Auctions, celebrity names are being offered as pairs. So, for example, bidding starts at 5,000 yen (about $50) for this "Koshi Inaba" set. Inaba is the lead singer of Japanese rock band B'z. Keep in mind, a bottle of Coke costs under two bucks.

According to Get News, a set with "Yuta" and "Tamamori" hit 6,250 yen ($61) with Yuta Tamamori being a member of boy band Kis-My-Ft2. A set of name bottles for all the members of girl group Momoiro Clover Z went for 15,000 yen ($150), Get News adds. Some of the names of famous folks are hard to find, hence the amped up prices.

However, a quick look around Yahoo! Auctions Japan shows that most of the more expensive bidding hovers between 1,000 yen and 2,000 yen (between $10 and $20), but these bottles that say "Fujigaya" and "Taisuke" are 3,000 yen ($30). Taisuke Fujigaya is a member of Kis-My-Ft2. Likewise, his name is not so common. Thus, one would think it's hard to find bottles with "Fujigaya" on them.


Here are some more auctions, with images created by Yahoo! Auctions Japan user ukdoubledecker:

How about sharing a Coke with Prime Minister Shinzo Abe?

ヤフオクで市販のコカコーラのペットボトルが高額で取引されているぞ!落札価格15000円! [GetNews]

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