When Your Job Involves "Painting Exposed Buttocks To Look Covered By Latex"

The video game industry isn't all fast cars and trips to Japan. For every studio head basking in the glow of media attention there are 100 developers lower down the food chain whose job can be a little more mundane.


Like the guy/guys/gals who had to paint some butts for a trailer.

Speaking with GI.biz, Square marketing man Cord Smith explained his company's perspective on the infamous "stripper nuns" trailer for Hitman Absolution, and in doing so revealed a side of the trailer that I don't think anyone has considered.

Here's a section of the interview, immediately following on from Smith's excuse that the developers were "too close" to the project to realise people might find the trailer offensive (or, for a more common reaction, stupid).

Prior to the release of the trailer, Smith said the greater concern had been meeting various advertising guidelines. A variety of filters had to be applied to scenes and stills from the Attack of the Saints trailer in order for it to receive approval, including painting exposed buttocks to look covered by latex.

So the next time you watch that clip and think it was silly, remember: were it not for the diligent work of butt-painters, it could have been even worse.

Hitman marketer doesn't want to "exploit" controversy [GI.biz]


Patriot Infinity

I liked the trailer, I thought it was awesome. All this buzz about it being offensive and just plain 'bad' is ridiculous. Lighten up.