Tales of Berseria is a very good game, but its main protagonist is normally dressed in shredding Devil May Cry cosplay leftovers. She’s much better off wearing a swimsuit.

Velvet’s revealing default outfit caused a stir when it debuted last year, with some fans disappointed that the first solo female main protagonist in the Tales series was wearing little more than scraps. I like it, but then I’m a big fan of strings. Strings are great.


Velvet’s manner of dress prior to her tragic demon transformation is much more subdued. She’s just a villager, doing villager things like hunting boars and cooking quiche.

Unfortunately, transforming into a pulsating hate being and spending three years in prison kind of ruined that look for her.


In the midst of her daring prison escape, Velvet pauses to put together an outfit that’s slightly less ragged.


I’m not sure how much better this is. At least she’s got a jacket, and there’s a bit more color. She’s angry, red is angry. I suppose it fits.

But this is a Tales game, and Tales games give us the option to change our characters’ clothes, adding accessories found throughout the game to tailor them to our preferences. For a while, my Velvet looked like this:


But late in the game I found the perfect look. I believe I picked up her Swimsuit costume from a chest in the game’s final dungeon.


That’s a good look for the ultimate battle over the fate of the world.

So don’t worry, kids. If you’re bothered by Velvet’s shredded black and red outfit, you can change it. There are plenty of costume options for all of the characters in the game, except Rokurou. Once his swimsuit costume is unlocked, he’s the Swimsuit Swordsman forever.

You can change out of it, but why?

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