When Super Smash Bros. Meets Soccer, Barabariball Happens

E3's said and done and Nintendo didn't even offer up so much as a teaser for a new Smash Bros. game. And, Sony, well, they've got their All-Stars Battle Royale thing coming soon. But one indie creator's taking the multi-tiered madness of the mash-up fighting series into an intriguing sports-tinged direction.

A steady queue of players lined up for a shot at glory when Noah Sasso showed his in-development Barabariball at NYU's No Quarter exhibition a few weeks ago. The premise is simple: pick a character and be the first to score a certain amount of goals by dunking a ball into the opposing side's territory. When I interviewed him at the event, Sasso talked about how his love of Smash Bros. and other fighting games fueled the ideas behind his 8-bit sports brawler. I got to play Barabariball and it's definiitely full of that "one more time" quality that every good competitive game needs. Here's hoping Sasso finds a way to get his smash soccer creation out to a bigger audience.


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