To-Do in New York: Play the Next Indie Sensations Before Anyone Else

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Indie games that capture your imagination like Canabalt, Sword & Sworcery and Beat Sneak Bandit seem to come out of nowhere sometimes. But, in the case of other ambitious titles, like Mark Essen's Nidhogg or Terry Cavanaugh's At a Distance actually get commissioned by New York University's Game Center for their yearly No Quarter exhibition.


This year's No Quarter happens in about a month and looks to showcase work from some super-talented game-makers. Who, you ask? How about the guys behind the great SpellTower and the different but still awesome Super Crate Box? That get your attention? Good. There's more info below.

The Third Annual No Quarter Exhibition

Announcing the 3rd annual No Quarter Exhibition! This year's show will premiere at 7pm on May 18th at the NYU Game Center and feature four brand new games!
The mission of the Game Center has always been to foster new perspectives and groundbreaking game design. To that end, each year we choose innovative and artistic game developers, support their new projects, and display their games during the exhibition. Past commissions include Mark Essen's Nidhogg, Robin Arnott's Deep Sea, Terry Cavanaugh's At a Distance, and Ramiro Corbetta's Hokra. This year's No Quarter continues that tradition with games that experiment with and celebrate the art form, featuring new work from:

- Zach Gage, creator of SpellTower and Bit Pilot

- Jan Willem Nijman, co-creator of Super Crate Box

- Margaret Robertson, game designer at Hide & Seek

- Noah Sasso, creator of Miracle Adventures in 2113

Please RSVP here and join us on opening night, at 721 Broadway, 9th floor, for the world premiere of the amazing new games that have been created by these artists.

RSVP here

The Third Annual No Quarter Exhibition
Location: 721 Broadway, 9th floor, NY, NY
(Google map of the location) (That's on the NYU campus)
When: Thursday, May 18, 7 p.m.


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