Woof | TOKYO, JAPAN: Back in 2005, Sega Toys released iDogs. (Photo: Shizuo Kambayashi | AP)

Crusader Kings II: The Kotaku Review

I was playing as the King of England. I ruled for over thirty years, sometimes a tyrant, other times a hero. When I died, I could keep playing, because I was now controlling his son. More »


George Lucas' Daughter Could Kick Your Ass

She really could. She could kick a lot of people's asses-not just yours. That's because Amanda Lucas is a mixed martial arts superstar.
Lucas began MMA in 2008 after taking Brazilian jiu-jitsu classes. More »


Fighting with Swords and Shields Isn't Berserk, It's Awesome

Exercise is important. Some jog. Others play tennis. In Tokyo, a group of folks don medieval armour, wield swords, and beat the tar out of each other. More »


The Laziest Box Art in Video Game History

I have a fetish for old Sega Master System box art. If I could have that pattern made into a tablecloth, curtains and bedsheets, I would, and when my wife complained, I would just stare at her, like what is wrong this stuff is perfect.
Some of my favourites from the system, though, are also widely... More »


The iPhone's Pokémon is Gone. Here's How to Get Your Money Back.

Despite the fact we warned you, the lure of playing Pokémon Yellow on an iPhone proved too much for many, who sent the scam to second spot on Apple's App Store charts.
Well, it's gone now. More »


The Painstaking Process Behind 'The Best Pinball Video Game Ever Made'

Pinball is storied; pinball is distinctive. Pinball has a fascinating history, pinball has been a part of almost every American's youth in some capacity or another. More »


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