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Pokémon on iTunes. Hello Scam!

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

While Pocket Monsters company GameFreak brought its monsters to iTunes last summer with Pokémon Say Tap?, this is not that app. Rather, this app is from "The House of Anime" and Daniel Burford. The hell?

A quick iTunes search shows that this is the same outfit responsible for app versions of Digimon and Yu-Gi-Oh, including a "Pokemon Yellow" app. All three of these apps were uploaded between Feb. 16 and Feb 17.

"Pokemon Yellow" is currently number three on the top paid apps. Good thing Apple is monitoring this! Oh. Wait.


Digimon is Bandai's Pocket Monster rival, and Yu-Gi-Oh! is Konami's property. Pokémon, however, is handled by GameFreak and Nintendo. Unless these apps are official, The House of Anime handles screwing them all.

The "Pokemon Yellow" app's description reads:

★★★★★ "Just like the Original. Love it!"

It's Finally Arrived!

Pokémon Yellow is here!

Your very own Pokémon legend is about to begin!

Press Quotes:

✔ "Fantastic and addictive gameplay. Six stars." 5/5

✔ "Just like the original. Only better because you can play it on the most intuitive device ever - the iPhone." 5/5

✔ "Hundreds of hours of gameplay, fun and collecting all Pokémon. Great app from Home of Anime."


The reviews for the app tell a very different story. The app doesn't work at all, apparently. According to faustino angel's one star review, "I want my money back if I don't get it I'm going to sue the person who made this application this just a rip off lying to us of what it contains!"

Chewybaka 0508 added, "...this is a scam. Crashes after main screen."

Something tells me that Daniel Burford's very own Pokémon lawsuit is about to unfold!


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