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When Plastic Surgery Goes Bad and Destroys You

Illustration for article titled When Plastic Surgery Goes Bad and Destroys You
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You see them on TV on variety shows and in commercials. They look utterly perfect. But are they?


Japanese manga Helter Skelter explores these issues. It follows Japanese superstar Ririko, whose seemingly flawless appearance is the result of extensive plastic surgery that requires constant care and attention.

After the beauty clinic she frequents comes under investigation, Ririko's perfect body starts falling apart—and so does her sanity.

This summer, Manga Helter Skelter is getting a big screen adaptation. Like the manga, the movie looks to be a biting criticism of the Japanese celebrity complex.


The film stars the often troubled Erika Sawajiri, and Helter Skelter marks a comeback of sorts for her. That, or a big eff you to the Japanese entertainment industry. I can't decide which.

『へルタースケルター』 [YouTube]

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Smug Anime Face

This reminds me so much of this chapter from Franken Fran.