When Online Gaming Goes Wrong, You Don't Need to Get SWAT Involved

A disagreement over an Xbox Live Indie game has resulted in what may be the ultimate grief, with one gamer sending a SWAT team to another gamer's home after phoning in a bogus murder-suicide 911 call.

It all happened over a game of FortressCraft, the Minecraft-"inspired" world-building game for the Xbox Live Indies channel, according to a report from the Register-Guard. The victim on the receiving end of the SWAT raid was a FortressCraft player who says he was targeted by another FortressCraft player after refusing to give him some in-game content.


The victim, a 26-year-old resident of Eugene, Oregon, believes his FortressCraft rival was the one who made an emergency call to police, telling them that he'd shot his father and intended to commit suicide. That phone call led to a 14 man strong police force raiding the victim's apartment.

The FortressCraft fan says he was warned ahead of time via Xbox Live that his personal information was exposed, details that were possibly used in the "swatting" retaliation.

Man, whatever happened to simple racial epithets and homophobic slurs? I hardly recognize Xbox Live scumbags anymore...


911 hoax behind SWAT response [The Register-Guard - thanks, Chris!]

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