MineCraft-Inspired FortressCraft Is Building Excitement On Xbox Live

While it may look and smell like Mojang's hit PC building game MineCraft, ProjectorGames' FortressCraft, now available via Xbox Live Indie Games, is a slightly different animal. Is that a good thing, or a bad thing?


If you love the building aspect of MineCraft but aren't too keen on the actual harvesting of materials, then you might be in for a treat with FortressCraft: Chapter 1. The game, as much as you can call it a game in its current state, gives players access to all the materials they need to customize their tiny slice of Xbox Live heaven, without having to worry about farming for resources, at least for now.

Once downloaded and launched, FortressCraft gives players the option to load a pre-existing world, start a new world, or join someone else's world. Up to three players can join your server at any time, helping you build or destroy your virtual utopia. You and your fellow builders appear as your Xbox Live avatars, which makes for some interesting machinima possibilities.

Right now there isn't much beyond building in FortressCraft. ProjectorGames has plans to introduce crafting, mining, minions, mine cart courses, and PVP combat in future chapters.

But for now, we build. I've already discovered a nifty chasm to roof over in order to create my underground lair. Hopefully I can stop screwing around with the trampoline blocks long enough to finish it.


FortressCraft: Chapter 1 is available now on the Xbox Live Indie Marketplace for 240 Microsoft points. Feel free to drop in on F4hey's world and poke about, should my server stay up.

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