When Halo And Power Wheels Collide

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How could I have possibly been surprised to discover that there is a thriving Power Wheels customization community on the internet? And why was I not surprised to have come across it for Halo-related reasons?


Fortunately, thanks to the folks at Bungie, we're all that much more knowledgeable about the DIY Power Wheels modder set. All it took was one M12 Light Reconnaissance Vehicle—better known as the Warthog—fashioned from the guts of a Power Wheels miniature truck—a "very used 2001 G3740 Street Scene Silverado," according to its creator.

That creator, flux83, has done a capable job of turning that Silverado into a teeny-tiny Warthog that looks to seat a maximum of two wee Spartans. You can see it in action in the YouTube clip below or hit up the Modified Power Wheels forums for the blow-by-blow building process and even more embedded YouTube clips.

Hey, it's no WETA Warthog, but it's cool enough for the kids.

Halo Warthog a.k.a. Chupa Thingy [Modified Power Wheels forum via Bungie]


Big Daddy Tiny

I could see Microsoft market something like this for the kids. Next, maybe they'll start developing Lego: Halo.