New Zealand's WETA made a real Warthog for Neil Blomkamp's Halo movie pitch. The movie never went anywhere. But the Warthog? It's still around, still being driven by grown men dressed as Halo marines.

OXM's Alistair Wallis, for example, just got to drive the real Warthog. Oh, but first, he had to get into real UNSC Marine cosplay. Then he could drive it.

So what's it like?

Halo die-hards will be pleased to hear that the Warthog doesn't just look like the real thing, it drives like it, too. Built from the engine of an Aussie work truck (the Nissan Patrol), with full 4WD and a turbo, it's got grunt.


It's also got the in-game vehicle's wonky manoeuvrability, as the 4WD and custom-built chassis means that you can throw the Warthog sideways and it'll still drive.

More pics below.

We Drove The Warthog! [OXM, via GSW]