Anyone in L.A. going down by Staples Center at all? Head over and check this out in person, maybe you can tell us what "Nerkas" is, and what kind of game it appears to be describing.

In real life, there's a domain registered to Square Enix Europe. That's all we know about that. In this trailer, which is playing outside near where E3 begins next week, it seems to be the name of a company that makes some kind of high tech military gear. So I don't know if it's the name of the next Square Enix game, but it at least looks like a name in the next Square Enix game.

Here's a second and more infuriating shakycam of a trailer. (How hard is it to point a camera at a screen?) Apparently the story the trailer's telling is that this is raw footage obtained by some investigative journalist of the device made by this Nerkas Solutions, Inc. It looks like a douchebaggy Bluetooth headset. The people wearing it - ordinary civilians apparently - fire weapons and kick a lot of ass so, mind control? Who knows.

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