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What's The Father of the PlayStation Doing These Days?

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After a rocky PlayStation 3 launch, the platform's creator was replaced by exec Kaz Hirai as the head of Sony Computer Entertainment. A year later he retired.


Besides keeping busy with his new start-up companies Cellius and Cyber Ai Entertainment, Kutaragi has also been giving lectures.


And now? Now Kutaragi is joining popular online retailer as an External Board Member. Good luck with that!

【楽天株式会社】会社情報 [Rakuten]

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And then what sucks is that even though the PS3 had a rough start.. Its picking up steam. And will probably turn out to be a success in the end or at least a great learning experience for Sony.. Yet he was still punished in the moment of the rough patch.

But I guess someone could attribute the PS3s growing success with Kaz in position now.