You’ve probably been to your fair share of midnight launches and spent long nights replaying previous titles in preparation for sequels. But dig down deep and share your more shameful stories. Did you steal a friend’s game? Fly to Japan? Mug an old lady for the cash for one? Sleep with a hooker and then beat her up to get (some of) your cash back? No, wait, that’s GTA.

And that got dark.

Me? I’ve had save files completely crash on me, toughen up and replay just to see the ending. I’ve leveled up characters just to get to the good bits so my oldest brother would be more inclined to experience games I knew he’d like but didn’t have the time for.

But probably most notably: I replayed all of Mass Effect 2 just to ensure the survival of a crewmate I had a crush on. I needed to pursue our romance in the third installment of the series, and a few days’ worth of playing that game again was totally worth it.

I’m sure I’m not the only one to take her game-playing seriously. So what’ve you got? Shameful stories welcome.


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